About me

Pedro José García Pardo

Birth: Cartagena (Murcia, Spain), 1973

Current residence: Madrid (Spain)

Contact: pjgpardo [at] gmail.com


Pedro J. García is an Industrial Engineer (MSc level, 6-year degree, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 1998), degree in which he was awarded the 2nd University Performance National Award. Additionally he holds two postgraduate degrees: a Master in International Business Administration (Universidad Carlos III, 2005) and a PhD Program in Robotics and Computer Vision (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, 2002).

He has worked for several companies, among which the EADS group, Airis and Anglo-Swiss firm Advanced Power are to be highlighted. In addition, he has been working in parallel as a part-time Professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, where he teaches Marketing subjects.

During the first years of his professional career, he undertook mostly technical positions in a variety of fields of expertise, such as Real-time Image Processing for the guidance of unmanned vehicles, Software Engineering, Critical Control System Design (for airplanes), Power Electronics, and Solar Energy. In a second stage of his career, he evolved towards business-oriented functions and responsibilities, mainly in the Aerospace and Energy sectors.

For the time being, his main area of interest and professional development is Marketing and, in particular, Industrial Marketing. Please refer to section Publicaciones (Publications) to view and, if desired, download his publications on that subject (and others).


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